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Steve Smith c/o ArtToyz Studios

29443 Spruce Canyon Drive, Golden, CO 80403


Steve Smith Artist Bio

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   Steve Smith is an artist and a teacher. He is from the midwest and has lived on the front range of Colorado since 1971. Born in 1954, he has had a rich career involving high-tech art, media and experimental techniques.

   Steve is currently the owner of ArtToyz Studios in Golden Colorado and an adjunct professor at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in Denver. He recently retired after 13.5 years from the Art Institute of Colorado as a full time instructor in Computer Animation and Visual Effects.  Steve has taught classes in 3D Animation, Video Production and Effects Generation and Traditional Art methods.

   Steve also engages in multimedia productions, live performance art, 3D animation and traditional fine art. His major focus is ART (in all media), Traditional Fine Art as well as Digital Media and Animation. His video production background includes working as an animator and videographer for Ken Burgmaier with Jazz Alley TV since 1992 and for the Taos Solar Music Festival since 2000. Heath Burr and GRASP Media has also been a focus since 1997, involving videography and animation for a number of projects in the music industry and for the internet. He has also been associated with Corwin Bell, Rain Productions and Wild Divine since the early 1990s.

   Steve Smith’s art is diverse, including computer graphics, animation and live performance venues, as well as Fine Art, with sculpture, painting and drawing. Mostly shown in the Denver area, Steve’s Fine Art is a combination of 60’s culture with high-tech and new materials, pushing the limits of what fine art can mean in a modern world.


   The art work is geometric, Kitsch, and playful, with a common theme around color and pattern. He also does chainsaw sculpture (no bears) and assemblage.The Color By Numbers work recently shown at The Funky Buddah in Denver involves Sacred Geometry through a visualization of mathematics and number systems.These were based on a pattern generation system he invented in the 1980’s. The work recently shown in Salt Lake City is mostly representational Glass and Mirror Mosaics.

   Steve has shown at Regis College, The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, The Boulder Center for the Visual Arts, The Fiske Planetarium, Clara Hatton Gallery, Sibelle-Wolle Gallery in Fort Collins and a variety of Colorado galleries, such as Spark and Core and the gallery at the Art Institute of Colorado. He is currently represented at Off Her Rocker in Nederland, CO.     

   Since 1999, Steve has run his own freelance business, ArtToyz Studios, which has a website at that offers a glimpse of what Steve is about. His freelance work focuses around 3D animation and videography. He can be contacted at 303-642-2332 or via e-mail at

Steve Smith Resume: Download Steve Smith Resume 2013.rtf - Download Steve Smith Resume 2013.doc

Work Experience

1/10 - Present  Arttoyz Studios - Fine Art and Computer Graphic Services- Owner since 8/97

5/12 – Present  Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design – Adjunct Instructor

8/13 - 1/14 CU Denver DAC - Adjunct Instructor - Animation   

1/92 - Present   Jazz Alley TV - Maui - Head Animator for TV and film production company   

9/97 - 1/2010 Art Institute of Colorado - Denver - Professor in Media Arts and Animation and Visual Effects/Motion Graphics - Instructor in traditional art media as well as 3D Modeling, Lighting, Character Animation and Rigging, and Special Effects 8/96 – 8/97     

8/96 - 9/97 Art Institute of Colorado - Denver - Academic Department Director - Computer Animation - administration and management of students and faculty in computer animation. Budgeting and planning to expand from Associates Degree to Bachelor's Degree Program

8/95 - 8/96        Parsons Brinckerhoff - Denver - Computer Artist and Animator - Creation of simulations in the form of stills, animation, virtual reality for transportation industry - Production management, creation and execution of electronic presentations - Creation and maintenance of web pages, interactive applications, interactive newsletter, R&D

11/88 - 8/95      Robert Waxman, Inc. - Denver - Software Applications Engineer - production management, creation and execution of electronic presentations - demonstrations of computer graphic and animation softwares - trainer, animator and computer graphic artist for Waxman’s Industrial Network - tech support and seminars on a variety of computer graphics and animation products

4/85 - 11/88      Pallas Photo Labs - Denver - Computer Artist - creation of slide shows involving illustration - care and operation of computer graphic equipment - quality control of production artwork                             

10/83 - 4/85     Genigraphics, Inc. - Denver - Computer Artist - creation, proofing, shooting and quality control, digitizing logos, 35mm copy stand, PC software, film recorders, Color Copy Center and Genigraphics Consoles - Demos to Clients

11/84 - 2/85   Genigraphics, Inc. - Acting Production Manager - Personnel administration for the production staff, including employment, recruiting, evaluation, training and orientation - Also included quality control, and equipment maintenance

Education and

Professional Training

1972 - Graduated from Bear Creek High School, Morrison, CO

1974 - University of Northern Colorado, Summer Session, Florence, Italy

1976 - B.A. in Art Education, Colorado State University, CO

1982 - M.F.A. in Painting and Computer Graphics, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

1983 - Genigraphics Console Training, 3 Weeks, Syracuse, NY

1988 - Genigraphics P.G.P. Training, 1 Week, Irvine, CA

1989 - Topas Animator Training, 3 Days, AT&T Graphic Software Labs, Indianapolis

1989 - Quark Xpress, PowerPoint & Hypercard Courses, ConnectingPoint, Denver, CO

1991 - 3D Studio Dealer Training - Autodesk, 1 Week, Sausalito, CA

1992 - Silicon Graphics & Alias Power Animator Training - 1 Week, Mountain View

1994 - FAST Video Machine Digital Nonlinear Editing Training - 2 Days, Bellingham 1994 - Autodesk 3D Studio  Release 4.0 Dealer Authorization Training Los Angeles 2007 - Autodesk Level 1 Professional Certification – partial
Software Experience

UNIX / Mainframe - Silicon Graphics - Alias Power Animator, Genigraphics 100D

PC & MAC - Autodesk - 3Ds Max (3Ds Max – Beta Tester for Release 1.0,  3.0, and 7.0), Maya, Combusion, AutoCAD, - Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Flash, After Effects, Audition, Encore - Corel - Draw, Paint  - Microsoft  - Power Point, Office - Quark – Xpress - Macromedia – Director


Mountain States Advertising/Marketing Review, March 1985, Cover - IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Article on Genigraphics Art Who, March 1985 - The Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry, Supplement No. 7, 1985, Cover - Rocky Mountain News, Sunday September 19, 1985, Entertainment Section, Article on Artist - A Day in the Life of American, computer graphics support, Logo Design and T-Shirt, April 1986 - AV Video, January 1990, Art Gallery - Computer Graphics World, September 1991 - Resolution, Fall 1991 - Computer Artist, October/November 1993              

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